Class SPHINCSParameters

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public class SPHINCSParameters
extends Object
implements AlgorithmParameters
The parameters required for the SPHINCS signature scheme. SPHINCS is a quantum-safe, hash-based signature scheme. Other then the hash based signature schemes XMSS and XMSSMT, it's stateless.
  • Constructor Details

    • SPHINCSParameters

      public SPHINCSParameters​(SPHINCSParameters.Mode mode)
      Creates a new SPHINCSParameters object with the given treeDigest. SPHINCS is a quantum-safe signature scheme. Compared to classical signature schemes, keys and signatures are rather big.
      mode - The SPHINCS mode, optimized to be FAST or SMALL.
  • Method Details

    • getType

      public AlgorithmParameters.Type getType()
      Description copied from interface: AlgorithmParameters
      Return the type of the cryptographic scheme.
      Specified by:
      getType in interface AlgorithmParameters
      The type of the cryptographic scheme.
    • getMode

      public int getMode()
      Returns the treeDigest.
      The hash algorithm used for signing.