PQC Algorithm Meta-Description Code-Binding Generator

By means of the code-binding generator, it should be possible to use any PQC procedure independent of platform and programming language in order to ensure secure communication. Currently, the focus is on the finalists of the NIST PQC standardisation project.
The tool should offer the possibility to bind the chosen algorithm in a programming language defined by the user. Due to the implementations of the NIST project, the focus is only on C/C++ for the time being.

The generator should facilitate the use of asymmetric PQC methods by reducing the input required by the user to a minimum. By means of the META specification, the required parameters of the selected PQC method are configured. The user selects the algorithm and the language of the code binding. The result of the generator is an executable file. With the executable file, they can then encrypt their message without any special knowledge about the algorithm.


Last modified September 1, 2021