PQ TLS 1.3 Integration & Evaluation

One of the most commonly used protocols is Transport Layer Security (TLS), which enables a secure communication channel between two communication partners. TLS relies on cryptographic cipher-suits for the exchange of symmetric keys as well as classic authentication. The question arises as to which of the NIST candidates on the standardization process could be used without massively changing or restricting the security of IT-systems. Therefore, different environments and configuration options must be taken into account.

This project aims at integrating and evaluating various candidates and alternatives form the 3rd round of the NIST process in TLS 1.3 A network emulation tool by Paquin, Stebila and Tamvada is used to simulate realistic conditions. Among other things, packet loss or packet duplicates can be taken into account. Ultimately, it should be determined whether, and with which configuration, the candidates are suitable for the future use within TLS 1.3; and which compromises or adjustments may be necessary.

Last modified November 11, 2021